Reg Charity Number 1188127

It is with great anguish we write this.

Sadly, we feel we have exhausted all options and are left with no choice but to close the rescue with immediate effect.


We hope this closure to be temporary until we get back on our feet. There are a few reasons behind our decision.


The rabbit abandonment situation is in a state of crisis in our area. We are surrounded by 4 giant pet stores churning out rabbits at a faster rate than we can cope with. Some ending up in the hands of incapable and sometimes damn right evil individuals, many others in unsuitable homes, we are faced with emergencies almost daily forcing us to take in way beyond what is considered acceptable at the cost to our own residents’ space and quality of life.


We’ve struggled to recruit fosterers and we are losing the few we have . We’ve struggled massively through Covid with no help whatsoever to keep things ticking over, we have a lot of catching up to do especially with paperwork and admin (apologies to the many awaiting replies). We need to look for help with managing fundraising ideas, events or anything to keep the rescue going. In addition, Cinzia is having her Carpal Tunnel operation next week meaning she will be out of action for up to 6 weeks!


So we cannot take in wildlife either which is a big impact during nesting season. The Irony is, that in a bid to help animals, we have got ourselves in a situation where we can now no longer help anyone! I would urge anyone needing help with NEW enquiries, emergencies, calls for advice etc to contact another rabbit rescue:


Or find an animal rescue centre near you.


ALL EXISTING engagements for adoptions and surrenders will continue as arranged. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Cinzia & Nico

Reg Charity Number 1188127