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Reg Charity Number 1188127

We are a small, privately run, rabbit rescue in Stanmore (North London, UK).

Sadly, we are unable to help at the moment.  The rabbit crisis has impacted all rescues.  We are busier than ever and the worst seen by people in the business for more than 30 years!


We are full beyond max capacity currently and unable to help with surrenders and even with emergencies.  We have been buried with stray rabbits dumped by thoughtless people.

I would encourage you to contact other rabbit rescues if it is urgent:

​Cinzia and Nico


Our Mission Statement

Our aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused, abandoned and neglected domestic rabbits. We will spay/neuter, vaccinate and find them great homes where possible or provide sanctuary until end of life. We aim to educate the public on the appropriate care of domestic rabbits.

What Can You Do?

Donate towards veterinary fees and support our efforts, purchase from our Amazon Wish List or Hay Suppliers to help!

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Or simply contribute for free by shopping online!

Did You Know?

​Despite bunnies being the UK's 3rd most popular pet, they are by far, the most neglected.

There are approximately 67,000 rabbits in rescue centres throughout the UK each year.

Not every unwanted rabbit is lucky enough to find a place at a rescue, as spaces are very limited.

Please give a second chance to rescue rabbits or guinea pigs if you are thinking of adding these pets to your family and life.



Our Adoption Policy:

    • All bunnies are neutered/spayed and vaccinated for MYX/VHD1/VHD2

    • Home checks will be carried out and a minimum space of 60 sq ft is required.

    • Single bunnies will only be given to homes with an existing bunny to pair that is fully vaccinated and neutered. We will do the bonding of the bunnies.

    • We do not home babies younger than 18 weeks

    • Bunnies will not be rehomed to a hutch only set up.

    • Bunnies are NOT toys so we will not consider requests to adopt for small children.

    • We have a no-kill policy.

    • We do not receive money from pet retailers nor government organisations and rely entirely on public donations.

    • Our adopters are offered life-time support and we accept the rabbits back if circumstances change.

    • Please read up on bunnies before considering adoption. We recommend you to refer to RWAF site for rabbit education 


Some of our bunnies


Cinzia and Nico


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